What does Sun Prairie really taste like?

No idea, but we'll be playing this event on July 25th.  We're pretty smart guys, so we're thinking there will be food there.  It's sponsored by Budweiser, so the availability of beer is also a safe bet.  

We play from 5-8 PM, so this is a nice opportunity for folks to get out and see a rock band early in the day albeit in an unnatural habitat (rock and roll should be played in the dark).   You know who you are.  You're the ones all musicians know that says "I'd really like to come out and see you guys, but it's SO LATE!".   That excuse is DENIED for this event and it turns out it could be a fully sensual experience for you:

  1. Taste: Sun Prairie (or, like...the food - there will be 15 different vendors).  Taste the beer.  It's good.  We've tried it.  
  2. See:  The guys in LUBE play fun music.  See people dancing.  See beer being poured into your cups.  
  3. Hear:  the music.  Hear the laughter of people having fun.  Hear hot oil bubbling, then hear the sizzle of whatever food will be fried in it.
  4. Smell:  the glove, the food, the musicians.  Actually...don't.  Don't smell the musicians.  Just don't do that. 
  5. Feel:  the low end pumping from the stage.  Feel groovy.  Don't ignore that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you dance in broad daylight.  Feel apppropriate body parts on the person with whom you're dancing. 

 There you have it.  All five senses covered by this event.  Be there!